Designed to specifically extend key functionality of Google Workspace to allow organizations to more easily collaborate with clients and partners securely within their existing environments.

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Why Extend?

Google Workspace
without Extend
with Extend
Drive: Custom File Channels
Drive: Contextual Side Bar Navigation
Drive: File Channel Permission Management
Chat: Linear Issue Management
Chat: Linear Issue Commenting
Chat: Personalized Linear Notifications

Client Collaboration Platform


Bringing the right people, the right information at the right time.


Building on top of the most reliable office productivity platform to help deliver a unified experience for your extended team.


To deliver comprehensive Google Grade security, each solution is primarily hosted inside your Google Workspace environment.

Monthly User Pricing

20 user (monthly minimum)
Client Collaboration Platform designed for Google Workspace teams.
Data Encrypted (at rest and in transit)
Flat Rate Pricing
Live Chat Support (24hrs M-F)
Collaborative Toolset
Access to all Extend Functionality
Compliance Audits
Enterprise Features Available