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We offer DeskMate Team for projects that require multiple specialists.

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Why DeskMate?

Equipment & Connectivity

DeskMate was born as a tech company and we understand the importance of having reliable equipment and internet connectivity. Our Mates are provided with the equipment and internet connections they need to succeed.

Advanced Security

As the leader in remote work security, our DeskMate service ensures that each workspace is secured and all data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. Additionally, more advanced auditing and compliance options are available.

Business Continuity

To make sure your business is running smoothly, we have options available to provide battery backup and internet redundancy so no matter what happens, your Mates are always connected.


$1,999 USD/per month
Augment your staff with dedicated professionals.
One Dedicated Staff Member
Full-time 160 Hours per Month
Experience Verification & Background Check
Complimentary Work Shifts
Equipment + Reliable Connection
Collaborate in Real-Time with Google Spaces
Must use Pre-Approved Hardware
Additional Fee Based Items:
Business Continuity Features
Up-level Mates with Specialized Skills
Office Technology &
Phone Services
Mate Swaps