DeskMate One

We know how tough it can be to find and hire excellent team members. From our network of highly qualified virtual assistants, we will match you with a qualified DeskMate who will execute in the role you need filled on your timeline.

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Staffing Process
Traditional Flow
Payroll Processing
Tax Compliance
Strategic Planning
Chart of Accounts
Chart of Accounts

Why DeskMate?


Each mate must pass an exhaustive interview process. This includes a two-week training series. Think of them as a transfer from another office rather than a new employee.

Flexible Work Hours

Define the preferred work hours of your Mate. They can work while you sleep or if you prefer to have them collaborating in real-time (on your time) it's on your terms. Use your cost savings to hire additional Mates for 24-hour customer service!

Mate Swapping

If you like DeskMate, but have outgrown or no longer need the expertise of one Mate, feel free to request a Mate Swap. And your Dedicated Partner Manager will assist with all the details.


$1,999 USD/per month
Augment your staff with dedicated professionals.
One Dedicated Staff Member
Full-time 160 Hours per Month
Experience Verification & Background Check
Complimentary Work Shifts
Equipment + Reliable Connection
Collaborate in Real-Time with Google Spaces
Must use Pre-Approved Hardware
Additional Fee Based Items:
Business Continuity Features
Up-level Mates with Specialized Skills
Office Technology &
Phone Services
Mate Swaps